Scary omens and water monsters – Spooky side of Snowdonia!

Scary omens and water monsters – Spooky side of Snowdonia!

Are you enjoying Halloween to the fullest? Carving pumpkins, trick and treating, dressing up as monsters and telling scary stories by the bonfire? We sure are and will enjoy our freshly carved pumpkin lantern all of tonight whilst watching a scary movie with the family.

Snowdonia has it’s own spooky stories, legends and myths and even Farchynys Hall has it’s own. Villagers have been known to see a horse and carriage running up and down the carriage way leading up to the house at midnight. No one seems to know who the mystery rider is…maybe you can solve the mystery on your next visit? So if you’re in need of a self catering accommodation in Snowdonia, we welcome any ghostbuster! Snowdonia ghost stories are quite intriguing and we have collected a sample of ones close to Farchynys Hall. Will you be too scared to visit after reading them through…?


Bala lake closeby is a lovely place to do walking, watersports, fishing, cycling, pony trekking and much more. However Bala hides a few spooky stories of it’s own…According to legend, a lost city is concealed under water of this lake. It is said to be the first town of the surrounding area, now submerged in the bottom of the calm water. Some sightings also mention long, black creatures sliding under water. Locals know of a certain crocodile like monster that inhabits the lake and have nicknamed him ”Teggie”.

These are not the only sea monster sightings nearby. According to stories, a giant sea serpent once attacked a ship in near the waters of Barmouth, snapping the ship’s mast. The sailors then fended it off, but it still followed the vessel  for two days until disappearing again. Other creature sightings near Barmouth’s water include a traditional sea serpent along with a turtle like creature with an egg-shaped head and spikes jutting from it’s back. Barmouth waters also have been said to have small lights hovering over the water surface before an accident involving a drowning was due to happen. These are thought to have been water fairies.

These water fairies have also been sighted in Beddgelert, happily playing in the river that passes closeby the grave of Gelert – the loyal dog mistakenly killed by his master. (You can read the whole sad story on our previous blog post earlier in the blog) Gelert’s ghost has been said to jog along the village streets at night. However he isn’t the only one: a ghost of a woman dressed in white has also been said to pass through the village from time to time. Her sighting is though to be an ill omen, with a death following soon after.

The Llyn Cynwch lake near Dolgellau is also said to be the home of a water creature, who could paralyze with its gaze. According to legend, the creature’s head was chopped off and it was killed by a farmer when it was asleep. The monster was then buried on the mountain side.

The Llyn Cau lake in Cadair Idris is also said to be the home of a water monster. He is the guardian of the lake and will attack anyone foolish enough to swim across it. (Better to splash around in shallow waters then!) It is also said that Cadair Idris used to be a home to a giant named Idris. (Cadair Idris in Welsh meaning the chair of Idris. The mountain is shaped like a comfy arm chair!) It is said that anyone who camps on the mountain overnight will either become a poetic genius or go insane. Also if you hear howling in the night in the surrounding areas, be wary of the Cwn Annwn – the hounds of Annwn or the otherworld whose presense would always be considered an ill omen.

Right…spooked enough already? These stories are just a scratch on top of Welsh mythology’s surface. It is highly likely that stories of water monsters and other creatures were told by parents to kids to warn them off the waters and danger of drowning. But who knows…who knows…

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